Nation Rebuilding

Developing effective institutions of government is a key characteristic of Nation Rebuilding, as is aligning culture, supporting leadership development, strategic orientations and assertion of sovereignty.

Carden Consulting’s developmental consulting team specializes in developing institutional and leadership capacity, which requires pro-active planning to develop integrated systems of governing, equipped with nation rebuilding understandings that revitalize First Peoples values, traditional knowledge, and customary practices, based upon current best practices, and includes: 

  1. Good Governance & Leadership Development (Comprehensive Governance Policies for First Nations and  Community Development Corporations);
  2. Institution Building (HR and Finance Policies); and
  3. Advancing self-governance including: developing by-laws, agreements, and planning (e.g. comprehensive community planning, strategic planning, community economic development planning, custom election codes, assertions of economic rights resource management plans). 

To view a 2017 training presentation on Nation Rebuilding by Laara Yaghujaanas click here.