Established in 1997 we have more than a quarter of a century of service excellence utilizing a strengths based, culturally relevant Nation Rebuilding approach with BC First Nations.

“Laara and Mark, as part of Carden Consulting lead YWCA Crabtree Corner through a community listening and visioning process that far exceeded our expectations. Their trauma-informed and Indigenous lens guided us throughout the process. Laara is so skilled and knowledgeable on how to hold and create safe spaces for everyone to fully participate and as a result there was true engagement and listening throughout. They honour what they hear in the moment, and are willing to adjust, make space to incorporate the feedback and build excitement over it. This is truly heart-centred work for Laara and Mark, they care deeply for the work, and our community and we are so grateful to have had them alongside us as we planned for the future. They more than delivered on what was promised and we have all come out of this process, more connected, and excited about Crabtree Corner’s future.”

Michelle Sing
YWCA Metro Vancouver

“Our organization began working with Laara Yaghujaanas of Carden Consulting in 2009. Laara has a unique ability to condense seemingly complex issues into a simplified plan. We have worked with Laara at the Tsilhqotin National Government (TNG) on separate occasions for focused sessions on strategic planning and larger Nation strategic planning and continue to call on her services. We are grateful to work with a First Nation organization when doing this level of work. Our interests are in good hands.”

Crystal Verhaeghe
Executive Director, Tsilhqotin National Government

“At Leq’á:mel we are very fortunate to have Laara advising us through some very important processes. As we work towards defining what our future looks like we have developed our Governance Policies, Notice of Assertion, and begun the work on our Constitution which will help to define our Sovereignty. With the commitment to this work by our leaders, Elders and family advisory, which was guided by our vision, our Strategic Plan came to fruition. Laara was able to draw out even more of those teachings, knowledge and aspirations that will help us to transform and transition our community into that strong and Sovereign Nation. We are confident that if we continue on this path all of this hard work will serve to strengthen and empower our community, families and individuals. With her excellent facilitation skills, it made our work easier.”

Chief Alice Thompson
Leq’á:mel First Nation

“At the 15th Annual Aboriginal Land Resource Management Forum Laara Yaghujaanas hosted an incredible workshop titled Negotiation Strategies, in which she shared her wealth of knowledge with her keen audience composed of leaders from the aboriginal community, and natural resource industry. Delegates commended this workshop as a remarkable tool for improving all stakeholder group’s understanding of practical means for mutually beneficial partnerships; further citing Laara as an excellent facilitator, and knowledgeable speaker.”

Madeliene Merrick
Conference Producer

“I’m writing this to let you know how pleased I am with your facilitation of the NVIT Aboriginal Governance Leadership Program during the past six months. I find it remarkable that you were able to produce the finished product so quickly and so professionally. “

Neil Sterritt
Sterritt Consulting, & AGLP Committee Member

“I find Laara to be a pleasure to do business with. Laara has a talent for dealing with difficult situations of all natures and I feel that she has a great future ahead of her. As a board member with Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation I have worked with Laara for the past six years. I also own my own business, which Laara has helped me to develop with some much needed strategic planning and good financial advice. She is a bright and talented individual that would be an asset to any endeavor that she takes on. Laara is also loyal to her clients and will not leave a job unfinished. Her quality of work is exceptional and I look forward to working with her again.”

Rosilee Wilson
TACC Director

“Laara has a keen intellect, gets to the root of problems and issues very quickly and expresses her ideas clearly. She is able to identify the broad range of implications various actions may precipitate. She recognizes problems before they occur. Her advice on issues is thoughtful and thought provoking. She is extremely fair and highly respected in the Aboriginal community. Her manner is kind and supportive and as a result of her guidance and excellent organizational skills VCC made major advancements in the support of Aboriginal students and the promotion of Aboriginal Education offices on both campuses. The enrolment of Aboriginal students has increased significantly at VCC as a direct result of Laara’s efforts.”

Barb Ash
(former Dean of Student Services, Vancouver Community College)

“I found Laara to be very knowledgeable, forward thinking and capable worker, with a sincere interest in meeting the needs of the ABSN and Aboriginal community. Laara has helped to establish the ABSN as a viable source for Aboriginal business information and explored potential partnerships that add to the services available to the Aboriginal entrepreneur. Laara is very easy to work with, and has demonstrated an ability to work both independently and as a team player.”

Larry Casper

“… I have found Laara to be dedicated, tireless and a highly motivated individual. Her professionalism has also enabled us to work together in such diverse ways. Working with Laara has also provided me with an opportunity to review material that she has researched, compiled, and/or composed. Some of the material has been internal to the ABSN and other items have been content on firstbusiness.ca. As with all her work, these reports and documents have been of a very high standard.”

Don Ross
Secretary ABSN & Manager Kootenay Aboriginal Business Advocates Society

“Laara displays many positive professional qualities. She is an excellent researcher, well-versed, committed and addresses people in a culturally sensitive manner. Laara goes beyond her work duties to make people feel comfortable and empower her clients. I would certainly recommend Laara’s services in the future and look forward to sharing more interactions with her.”

Lyla Brown, B.S. W.

Work Sample – Report

Work Sample – Report

Nothing About Us Without Us: Modernizing BC First Nations Infrastructure

Nothing About Us Report
Nothing About Us Report